microsoft-officeVia Most office workers aren’t actually using Microsoft Office.

I first used Office (less PowerPoint) in 1986. Time to move on to a more up-to-date tool set. Why not WordPress?




IPhoto (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apple iPhoto (for iPhone) review |

Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Got photos? Online retail giant Amazon has released a new app that lets iPhone users save their pictures directly on the company’s own cloud storage space.

Dubbed Amazon Cloud Drive Photos and available free of charge from the App Store, the app can transfer photos back and forth between a device and Cloud Drive, where they can be accessed using a desktop computer, Web browser, or other compatible device, like a Kindle Fire. More…

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As promised, image editor Pixelmator released a substantial update to its OS X app on Thursday, with over 100 new features and improvements including shapes, smart move, paint selection and an “effect” called Light Leak.



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Image representing Adobe Systems as depicted i...

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