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Image representing GitHub as depicted in Crunc...I haven’t tired this yet, but more and more WordPress plugins are experiencing a more active development life outside the WP plugin repository.

iPhone 5

iPhone 5

LINKASE Wi-Fi enhancing iPhone 5 case review | AppleTell.


IPhoto (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apple iPhoto (for iPhone) review | ITProPortal.com.

Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Got photos? Online retail giant Amazon has released a new app that lets iPhone users save their pictures directly on the company’s own cloud storage space.

Dubbed Amazon Cloud Drive Photos and available free of charge from the App Store, the app can transfer photos back and forth between a device and Cloud Drive, where they can be accessed using a desktop computer, Web browser, or other compatible device, like a Kindle Fire. More…

via Amazon launches iOS photo app for Cloud Drive.

English: 2010 Mac Mini

It’s not secret that Mac minis are powerful little machines. Whether you’re running the standard consumer version, or opted to upgrade to the server edition, it can be used for some heavy duty tasks. Sonnet’s xMac mini Server ($1,295) makes the most of that by fitting your computer into a rack mount, and adding expansion support. It’s not for everyone, but power users and businesses should take note. …

via Mac: Sonnet xMac mini Server.

Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments (Photo credit: GDS Infographics)

Forget Apple TV Or IWatch: Apple’s Next Trump Card Is Mobile Payments.